The American Friends of Marbach (AFM) are able to award six summer dissertation fellowships of $4,000 each to Ph.D. candidates from American universities doing research in the field of German Studies at the DLA.

These grants are meant to be taken over the summer break. Two of them have been granted by the Max Kade Foundation in New York; one is named after its donor “The David Detjen Research Grant;” another one is the recently established “Egon Schwarz Research Grant.” In addition, the American Friends of Marbach are able to offer two “AFM Summer Research Grants” out of their own funds.

All grantees benefit from the excellent services that the DLA provides to researchers. Researchers can also participate in a weekly “Stipendiaten-Café,” where international stipend-holders and fellow humanists have the opportunity to network and present their work to one another. Depending on availability, the well-appointed Collegienhaus on the grounds of the DLA offers an excellent option for lodging.

Please submit a 1-2 page project description which should include a brief statement about the relevance of the holdings at the DLA for the project, a current C.V. and arrange for one letter of recommendation from the dissertation adviser to be sent to Prof. Johannes von Moltke (University of Michigan): moltke(a)umich.edu by April 15, 2021. Decisions will be announced before the end of April.

COVID-19: As of February 2021, the DLA is closed to the public until at least March 7th (please see the DLA Website for updated information). Given the evolving shape of the pandemic, awards will be made contingent on national and international public health regulations. Access to the archive may be limited and it will be the responsibility of awardees to ensure that they meet any vaccination, quarantine, or mitigation requirements in planning their research stay.

List of Donors for the AFM “Egon Schwarz Grant” ($24,000), to be granted six times (once a year in the amount of $4,000)

84 contributors:

Adelson, Leslie
Adler, Hans
Aksin, Jocelyn
Anderson, Susan
Beals, Kurt
Boehler, Michael
Boehm, Philip
Brandt, Bettina
Burgard, Peter
Byrd, Vance
Chisholm, David
Chronister, Necia
Corngold, Stanley
Dowden, Stephen
Eigler, Friederike
Fetz, Gerald
Finger, Anke
Fleming, Paul
Fore, Devin
Frederiksen, Elke
Grimm, Erk
Handelman, Matthew
Hanssen, Paula
Haque, Kamaal
Haubenreich, Jacob
Helfer, Martha
Hempel-Lamer, Nele
High, Jeff
Hinderer, Walter

Hoeyng, Peter
Hohendahl, Peter
Hopkins, Leroy
Huyssen, Andreas
Johnson, Laurie
Kirby, Rachel
Kniesche, Thomas
Kolb, Jocelyne
Kontje, Todd
Langston, Richard
Levine, Michael
Lindgren-Schwarz, Irene
Liu, Holly
Lubich, Frederick
Lützeler, Paul Michael
Malakaj, Ervin
Mathaes, Alex
McBride, Patricia
McGaughey, Sarah
McGlothlin, Erin
Mieder, Wolfgang
Moltke, Johannes von
Morris, Leslie
Naqvi, Fatima
Niekerk, Carl
Pizer, John
Prager, Brad
Rabinbach, Anson
Rectanus, Mark

Rennert, Hal
Rinner, Susanne
Roche, Mark
Rotaru, Arina
Rumold, Rainer
Ryan, Judith
Schreckenberger, Helga
Seyhan, Azade
Shafi, Monika
Shen, Qinna
Tatlock, Lynne
Trommler, Frank
Vaget, Hans
Vansant, Jacqueline
Weissberg, Liliane
Weist, Caroline
Wellbery, Caroline
Wellbery, David
Weninger, Christl
Weninger, Robert
Werner, Meike
Wetters, Kirk
Wogenstein, Sebastian
Wolff, Lynn
Zipes, Jack
Zipser, Richard

For other fellowships see http://www.dla-marbach.de/service/stipendienprogramm